"The Thirst 48"

8 Aug

Things are only getting worse out here. The thirst epidemic continues to destroy lives and ruin real n*ggas pursuit of box.

Warning: These 2 cases of thirst displayed here will be very disturbing.

Texting “Hello” is already top 3 most thirsty greetings of all time … but to send it twice then follow it with a “hey bay” is just a disgrace. “Dehydrated” should have way more self respect for himself.

This looks like just another thirst mission. A simple compliment…. a tender “Can’t sleep?”… nothing to crazy right?
until he transfers the thirst to Words With Friends. This guy is a professional. Not too many cats are willing, or have the guts, to transfer the thirst to Words With Friends. Genius….but sad at the same time.
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Today is the beginning of the rest of your life.

8 Aug

"Statistics": "Watch The Throne" edition (With @wayno119)

8 Aug

– 89% of people on twitter called Watch The Throne a classic before the first snare in the first beat on the first song kicked in.

– 55% of people are still calling the album “Watch The THROWN”

– 98% of the Lyrical Accountants that downloaded “Watch the Throne” won’t admit its a very Subpar album.

– 70% of the females that will get “Watch the throne” tickets live below the poverty line and their iphones are only accepting incoming calls

– If “Im Watching The Throne” is on your BBM status their is a 77% chance your girl is creeping with a n*gga with Gucci Mane & Waka Flocka in his Cd player

– Studies have shown 70% of the dope boys that have already tried to bag up listening to “Watch the throne” lost a quarter ounce due to boredom.

Theme Song For The Day

8 Aug

Theme Song For The Day

5 Aug
They smoked this something serious.

Behind The Scenes with A-Mafia

5 Aug
My n*gga Flash blessed us with a little behind the scenes footage with A-Mafia

The Michelle Beadle "Twinkle" is real

4 Aug

I knew it!!!!!! My eye for the “twinkle” in a woman’s eye never fails me. I knew it was something about her. Yeah, she’s gorgeous but I knew it was something deeper and dirtier that attracted me to her.
What am I talking about? Well *allegedly* Michelle Beadle got caught trying to give Aaron Rodgers the box. Not only trying to give the box away but she was *allegedly* heard telling Aaron rodgers “I just wanna get f*cked!” .
Smfh …. I knew it.
Applaud me for spotting it and putting you n*ggas on to her.